A glossary of data warehouse and data lake entities

While working with projects in the space of large-scale data processing, I've created a list of definitions that helps when interacting with IT people. It covers the essential concepts that centre around gaining insights from very large amounts of data. I've chosen to define…


Blog series on high performing teams

In a series of blog posts, we have explored the essentials for high performing teams. We have also shown how we have operationalised these and how this helps teams to improve. What is key to team performance? Where should I go? The 8 essential…


Building high performing teams

You may think it is straightforward to understand how a high performing team behaves. However, forming behaviours in teams to increase performance is a completely different thing. In this article, we discuss how we have operationalised the 8 essential principles of high performing teams…

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Using events to digitalise banks and automate compliance

Trend focus: Event-driven architecture As companies become more digital and adopt outward-facing ecosystem models, they start to shift towards event-centric thinking. Event-driven architecture (EDA) is emerging as a key design paradigm for building digital banks and simplifying regulatory support. Interactions through business events AML…

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Treat your applications like investments

Essentials of Application Portfolio Management – Part 2: IT applications play a significant role for many companies’ ability to service customers. As part of keeping the business running, it is valuable to manage the entire portfolio of applications, and look at the business value…


What is an application anyway?

Essentials of Application Portfolio Management – Part 1: As an IT leader, you might feel the pressure of increasing rates of change, rampant complexities of systems and infrastructure, compliance overhead, etc. The first step is to get your house in order, and you can…


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